Erosion Section Review:

1. What causes the most beach erosion?

2. Over millions of years a mountain will slowly change its shape from tall and jagged to shorter and rounded.  What caused this change and what happened to the material that used to make the mountain so tall?

3. The Grand Canyon has many V shaped canyons.  What destructive force probably produced these canyons?

4. The prairie grass ecosystem  of the Great Plains, once had a deep layer of topsoil which was protected by the grasses that covered it. Removal of these grasses for farmland is causing the soil to be eroded MAINLY by what forces?

5. Here in Georgia we have lots of logging in which entire forests of pine trees are cut for timber.  Why is it important to replant these trees?

6. Why does the removal of trees and grasses cause so much soil erosion?



How do you think this huge rock wound up in the middle of this field far from any mountains?  There are also many smaller rocks scattered throughout this field.  How did they probably get there?

8. If a farmer harvest his field but does not replant anything in it, what will probably happen if he gets lots of rain during the winter?

9. A farmer has a steeply sloping pasture that is eroding.  What could he do to try to prevent more erosion?

10. Along rocky coastlines of the ocean, we sometimes find sea caves.  What might be responsible for creating these caves?