Deposition Test Review:

1. How is a river delta formed?

2. Which of the three processes actually builds up land and how?

3. Weathering and erosion are destructive forces because they break and remove things.  Deposition is a constructive force because it builds up new land.    What processes does a glacier cause and explain how it does each one?

4.  In Switzerland, there were strange piles of rocks in the middle of open fields.  There were no mountains close by.  How could piles of rocks get to the middle of a huge open area?

5.  Soil is made of layers of sediment.  What is the source of this sediment and how does it get there?

6. How can the shape of a delta get changed?

7.  During a heavy rainstorm a huge ditch is carved in a field.  What caused the ditch?

8.  How are erosion and deposition related?

9.  How does a glacier cause deposition?

10.  How were the Great Lakes formed?