Pangaea and Such!

Gap-fill exercise

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German meteorologist proposed the hypothesis of .
Wegener suggested that about ago, all continents once were connected as one landmass called
Fossil clues, climate clues such as glaciers, and rock clues provided evidence that occurred.
Fossils of , a freshwater dinosaur provided evidence that continental drift occurred.
Tropical plant fossils, , have been found in Antarctica, Africa, Australia, South America, and India.
Glacial deposits, rock surfaces scoured and polished by have been found in South America, , India, and Australia.
Rock clues-similar rock structures are found on different continents. identical to parts of the have been found in Greenland and .
Wegener’s idea of Continental Drift were because scientists could not give any explanations how the .
In the 1940’s and 1950’s, scientists began using to map the ocean floor.
is the world’s longest chain of . Is where the sea-floor is .
, a scientist, presented his theory of to explain continental drift in the 1960,s
seafloor spreading is caused by up towards the of the ocean crust. in the magma split the crust apart along the mid-ocean ridge letting flow through the crack causing .
-1968, research ship that discovered that rocks to mid-ocean ridge were the and that the away, the the rocks.
rocks are found the mid-ocean ridge and rock gets older the farther away you get.
seafloor spreading causes the to get ! It the away from each other.
in rocks on the seafloor, on both sides of the mid-ocean ridge, has recorded the periodic reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field.
inside the Earth are believed to cause the movement of the .
convection current is the heating, rising, cooling, and sinking of . As magma gets heated it becomes which causes it to upward through the mantle. As it cools, it sinks back downward. The rising and falling creates a in the magma.
boundary-when two plates move AWAY from each other,
boundaries cause mid-ocean ridges!!
is created by divergent boundaries, mid-ocean ridges
If new crust is created, old crust must be by the Earth.
convergent boundary-when two plates .
convergent boundaries come together, denser /crust will beneath continental crust
-where oceanic plates goes down into the mantle.
can form above subduction zones
deep-sea trenches are formed at convergent boundaries of two .
subducted plates creating new magma. New magma can cause or be used to form new .
mountain ranges-when converge, they will crumple up.
-where two plates slide past each other.
Earthquakes occur at boundaries and boundaries.

-a transform boundary in California that causes lots of .
- energy release as rocks move and break in the crust during an earthquake
–instrument used to measure Seismic waves from earthquakes
three types of plate boundaries are , divergent, and .