Tilt and Seasons Review (Tilt Test):

1.  Where is the Sun’s position during an equinox?

2.  Compare rotation and revolution.

3.  On what part of the Earth does the temperature not change very much and why?

4.  The hemisphere receiving less solar radiation at less of an angle and having shorter days is...

5.  What does it mean that Earth’s orbit is an ellipse?   

6.  When is the Earth closest to the Sun?

7.  The Earth is always tilted towards what?

8.  What causes Georgia to be warmer in the summertime?

9.  How does the Earth’s tilt cause the seasons?

10.  Why does it get dark at night?

11.  How is the Earth tilted on the first day of our summer?

12.  Why are some parts of the Earth warmer than others?

13.  Compare the seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

14. On the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere what is the Sun shining directly on?

15. When do we get equal hours of day and night?