Geocentric/Heliocentric Notes

1. Aristotle-ancient Greek scientist, lived over 2300 years ago. Taught that the Earth was the center of the Solar System.

2. Ptolemy- another ancient Greek scientist, believed in Aristotle. Wrote a book and made drawings to explain how the geocentric system worked.

3. geocentric model-geo belief that ALL objects in the solar system orbited around the Earth, that Earth did NOT move and was the center of the universe.

4. heliocentric model-the Sun is the center of our solar system and the Earth is orbiting the Sun.


5. Copernicus- Polish astronomer who thought of the heliocentric model. He wrote a book, was afraid to publish until dying, fear of the Church.

6. Kepler-German scientist who supported the heliocentric model.

7. Galileo-Italian scientist who used a telescope to prove that the heliocentric model was correct.

8. Sir Isaac Newton-English scientist who defined gravity and explained how gravity proved the heliocentric model was correct.

9. gravity-force that holds the solar system together.