Earth  and Moon Movements
1. Why does the Moon shine?

2. What causes the Moon phases?

3. We get a New Moon phase when…

4. We get a Full Moon phase when…

5.  What is the difference between waxing and waning?

6. Why does it take 29 days for the Moon to complete its phases?

7. Why do we always see the same side of the Moon?

8.What causes a solar eclipse?

9. What causes a lunar eclipse?

10. What phase of the Moon does a solar eclipse happen during?

11. What phase of the Moon does a lunar eclipse happen during?

12. The darkest part of the Moon’s shadow during a solar eclipse is called what?

13. Large, dark areas of lava on the Moon are called what?

14.  What is one of the accepted theories of how the Moon was formed?
15. Tell me the three things that we learned about rotation.

16. Tell me the three things that we learned about revolution.

17. When is the Earth really closest and farthest away from the Sun?

18. What is the angle of the Earth’s tilt?

19. We know that the Earth’s tilt causes the seasons, but how?

20. Why do we have summer in the Northern Hemisphere during June through September?

21. What is a solstice?

22.  What are the two solstices?

23.  What is an  equinox?

24. What are the two equinoxes?

25. What happens around September 22 every year?

26. What happens around December 22 every year?