Water everywhere?

In this activity, you are going to find out about water all over and under the world. On your paper, write the question and then click on the question to go to a webpage to read and find the answer. Sometimes, you will be taken back to the same page to find another answer.

1. Where is the Earth's water located and is it getting new water?

2. Sixty nine percent of the Earths's freshwater is locked up where? Be specific.

3. We know that rivers and lakes contain lots of freshwater, but where is there even more located?

4. What is a river?

5. What is rainfall runoff and why is it important?

6. What is groundwater and where is it stored?

7. What is an aquifer?

8. What are glaciers and icecaps?

9. Write down your three favorite facts about glaciers?

10. What causes sinkholes?