Waves, Currents, and Tides Review:

1. What is the Gulf Stream?

2.  What is the wavelength of a wave?

3.  What kind of current are the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Currents?

4.  What is a current?

5.  What causes the waves?

6.  What part of the wave is the crest?

7.  What two forces cause the Gulf Stream to move?

8.  How is a density current different from a surface current?

9.  What is the wave height?

10.  Why is London warmer than it should be?

11.  What effect will rapid evaporation near the Equator have on the ocean water there?

12.  How does the coriolis effect  change the winds and currents?

13.  What can affect the climates of countries near the ocean?

14.  What is the wavelength?

15.  What causes a wave to break on the shore?

16.  What are the two kinds of currents and how are they different?

17.What causes the tides?

18. How often do the tides change?

19. How are neap tides and spring tides different and what causes them?

20. How are the Earth, Moon, and Sun aligned to cause a Spring tide? A neap tide?

21. How are the Moon and the high tides positioned?