Waves IAN

1. wind causes waves.


2. crest is the highest point of a wave

3. trough is the lowest point of a wave

4. wavelength is the distance from one crest to the next.

5. Wave height is the distance from the trough of a wave to the crest.

6. energy travels in the direction of the wave/wind, not the water.

7. Wave size depends on the speed of the wind, the distance over which the wind blows, and the length of time the wind blows.

8. water particles do not move with the wave, they move in circles equal to the height of the wave, then energy moves forward, not the water unless the wave is breaking! 

9. Breaker is a collapsing wave . After a wave crashes onto the shore, gravity pulls the water back to sea.


10.Tsunami-wave caused by the energy of an undersea earthquake.