Water Cycle IAN 3

15. clouds -     form when water vapor condenses on dust, smoke or even salt particles from the ocean.

16. fog-     is a cloud that forms near the ground.

17. Dew-     is water droplets that have condensed on the ground in the cool morning air.

18. frost-     happens when water vapor condenses and freezes on grass, leaves, and other surfaces (windshields)

19. precipitation-     liquid and solid forms of water falling from the sky to the ground. Molecules lose energy.

20. Precipitation-     forms when water droplets about the size of a period in a sentence start growing, must get about 100 times larger to fall.

21. gravity-     when the water droplets get large enough, gravity pulls them towards the ground as precipitation.

22. 4 forms of precipitation-      rain, sleet, snow, and hail.