Sea Turtle Excitement

Sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand and they always swim to shore during high tide.  If the eggs are ever underwater, the baby turtles will drown.  Using your knowledge about tides, how can sea turtles make sure their babies will not drown before hatching?

Sea turtles always lay their eggs in the sand.  They swim to shore, crawl out of the water and dig a hole.  They lay their eggs in the hole, cover it with sand and crawl back down to the water and swim away. 

A sea turtle in the water's edge.

Crawling towards the beach.

The nesting area. What do you notice about this part of the beach?

Heading back to the sea!

So, show me what you know about the tides by explaining what time of the lunar month the sea turtle comes ashore to lay her eggs. Remember, the eggs will drown if they are ever underwater.