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WEBQUEST: Trophic Levels of the Ocean

Follow the links and answer the questions completely to receive full credit                                35pts

List the 4 levels of the Marine Food Chain. Briefly describe each level and identify 3 sample species. 




How many Marine species have been identified?


Now click on the link that says: What we eat makes a difference in the Learn More Section
If you eat 1 pound of a Level 4 fish, how many pounds of each other fish would this represent?

            Level 3
            Level 2
Level 1

Why is it not sustainable to fish for level 4 fish in the ocean?


Go down to “Seafood Filters” and define the following by clicking on the “?”

Sustainability Ranking:

Mercury Level:

Omega 3 Content:

Select 3 fish/shellfish you eat and describe the sustainability, mercury level and Omega 3 content of each.   
Fish One

Fish Two

Fish Three

Look for substitutes that are sustainable in this link for the 3 fish that you chose -list other fish and their alternatives.
Fish One

Fish Two

Fish Three



  1. How many pounds of fish are caught each year from the ocean?
  1. Is the world catch stable?


  1. What is meant by “the problem is that every fish is different?”


  1. Why are scientists deciding to determine a nation’s consumption of fish based on “primary production?”


  1. What nation has the highest primary production consumption?


  1. Wealthier countries are often after what types of fish?
  1. How does this differ from poorer countries?


  1. Since the demand for fish has risen so much, where is much of the new fishing occurring?


  1. What are the problems associated with farmed fish? 
  1. What are 3 ways to reduce the impact that fishing has on the ocean?


  1. What percent of the ocean is protected from fishing? 


  1. Is the current practice of fishing sustainable? 
  1. Would you be willing to change your lifestyle to decrease the human impact on the sea?


*** If you are done early go to http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/us/cnn-films-blackfish/index.html
and explore the documentary blackfish.