Our Water World

1.    Hydrosphere-all the water on the Earth




2. Atmosphere-the ocean of gases that surround the Earth.

3. Water covers 75% of the EarthÕs surface. 

4. Oceanographer-a scientist who studies the oceans 

5.  seven forms of water-oceans, saltwater seas, rivers, freshwater lakes, the atmosphere, groundwater, and frozen in glaciers and ice caps.

6. 97% of the EarthÕs water is salt water. 

7. 3% of the EarthÕs water is fresh! 

8. World ocean is one giant ocean that covers over 70% of the Earth

9. Salinity is the amount of salt in salt water 

10. Ocean water is 3.5% salinity  

11. Salt water is found in the oceans, seas, and salt lakes.

12. Freshwater is only 3% of the EarthÕs water.

13. 2/3Ōs of EarthÕs freshwater is frozen in the ice caps and glaciers.

14. Only 1% of EarthÕs water is useable by man!!!

15. 5 sources of freshwater-glaciers and ice caps, groundwater, rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere.  

16. Glacier-huge sheet of ice that moves slowly over land, like a giant river of ice.  We canÕt use!

17. Groundwater, rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere contain the 1% of Earths water that we can use.

18.  one third of EarthÕs freshwater is groundwater-located below the EarthÕs surface.

19. surface water-rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds, also wetlands (the Ogeechee Swamp)

20. wetlands-stay wet most of the time, absorb rainwater, help prevent flooding, filters out pollutants.

21. runoff-water from rain and melted snow.

22. atmosphere-contains water as vapor and as clouds.

23. Infiltration-rain water soaks or infiltrates down into the ground Groundwater is stored in aquifers. 

24. aquifer is an underground layer of permeable rock that contains water

25. Permeable rock has spaces in it that can contain water. 

26. layers of soil above an aquifer filter out pollution

27. aquifer water is slowly moving towards the ocean.

28. Rural families and small towns usually get their water from wells drilled down into the aquifer

29. Reservoirs are large lakes that are used to provide water to cities.  Cities may also use rivers as water supplies.

30.Desalination-process of removing the salts from ocean water making it drinkable.  IS EXPENSIVE!



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