Lesson 18-2, Cloze part 2.  Page 280-284 in red science workbook.

FACTOID:  density is the amount of something in an object.  Ex. a rock is more dense than a marshmallow.  Dirt is denser than water.

18. ___________________ is a vertical circulation in the ocean tha tbrings deep, cold water to the ocean surface.

19.  A _______________  _______________ forms when a mass of seawater becomesmore dense that the surrounding water.

20. Changes in __________________ and ___________________ work together to create density currents.

21.  There are two important density currents.  One begins  in_________________________ and the other begins in the _____________  ________________  _____________________.

22. The Mediterranean Sea also has a _________________  _________________.

23. Which step in the water cycle is responsible for a density current in the Mediterranean Sea?

Look at the map on the back of this page.  Remember the video you watched earlier about the currents.  I want you to draw 2 gyres in the Pacific Ocean and 2 gyres in the Atlantic Ocean.  Be sure to label where cold water and warm water currents are found in your gyres.  Ask the substitute teacher to replay the currents video.