Tides Group Lesson

Your assignment is to complete several of these assignments so that you can pass the post test. You will also have to prepare some sort of study materials.  Can be a graphic organizer, flashcards, small poster that explains the tides, or create a moveable model of the tides using paper.


1. Let's start with a pretest-it is NOT graded!

2. LESSON EXPECTATION!!! Your team members should all be able to explain any of the following questions or statements:

a. What are the tides?

b. What causes the tides?

c. Explain why some parts of the world have high tides while other parts are having low tides.

d. What ocean floor feature affects the width of the intertidal zones?

e. Name the phases of the Moon that will cause Spring tides and Neap tides.

f. What do we call the part of the beach that is underwater during high tide, but is exposed during low tide?

g. What do we call the difference in water depth between high and low tides?

h. Draw or make a model of the Sun, Earth, and Moon during a Spring Tide and a Neap Tide.

j. What is the connection between the phases of the Moon and the size of the tides?

3. Read the Tides Article and listen to the MP3.

4. Brainpop Tides

5. Tides Demo Website

6. Tybee Island tides table-check out this website and be sure to ask Mr. B to help you understand it.  Tybee Island Photos
This photo of Tybee Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor">Tybee tidal range!

7. Bay of Fundy Site- -When we read the Tybee Island tides chart, we found that the tidal range was about 7 feet.  In some parts of the world the tidal range can be huge. Read this site and be sure to watch the video!

8. Tides Posttest- Graded!

Extra Credit: Group discussion question: