Currents Activity, surface:

You will need, the stream table, paper boat or craft stick boat, and a hair dryer.  

Move the sand to the pump end of the stream table and have the other end flooded.  Most of the table should be “ocean”.   Place your boat on the water and observe.  Do NOT use the hairdryer yet.

  1. What does the boat do?

Place the hairdryer at one corner of the table and aim it at a point about halfway between the sand and the end of the table.  Turn the hairdryer on low speed and observe boat for at least 5 minutes.  

2. What does the boat do this time?  

   In which directions does it move?

Place the large basalt rock in the water in front of a point where the fan is pointed.  Again, place boat into the water, turn the hairdryer on again, and observe.  

3. Did the motion of the boat change?

4. What does the large rock represent?

5.  What kind of current was formed?