Fix-A-Fossil Activity:

Are you good with puzzles?  An archeologist or paleontologist has to be an expert at puzzles. They have to gather tiny pieces of information and try to put them together to get answers to the past.  A paleontologist almost never finds a complete fossil.  They usually find bits and pieces and then try to find other pieces and eventually put enough of them together to find out what a creature was.  It would be sort of like if you were putting together a picture puzzle and someone had spread the pieces all over the football field and you had to find all the pieces before you could begin putting it together. To make it even more "fun", you wouldn't know how many pieces you were supposed to have and you wouldn't know what the picture was supposed to look like.

In this activity, you will have all the pieces, you just have to try to put it together. Have fun!  Be sure to show Mr. B your finished puzzle.