Weather Project Page

Suggestion One:
Show me that you have learned about weather forecasting, what it is, how it is done, and how it has changed over the years. 
Questions to Consider:

Weather Quiz 1

Project resources:
1. pg 229-254 in Science Book.

2. pg. 60-69 in Coachbook

3. Why do we have weather? a. weather, b. weather instruments

4. Exploring Weather
5. Weather Wiz Kids
6. Weather Scope Pages

Suggestion Two:

Mapping the Weather
Essential Question: What does weather reveal about the atmosphere?
Meteorologists report the weather and create forecasts after collecting data and interpreting patterns in the atmosphere. By analyzing these patterns and data, meteorologists can predict the weather for an area over several days and gain insights into the conditions of the atmosphere.

  1. Research the types of tools meteorologists use to gather information about the weather. Include descriptions of several types of instruments, including weather satellites and Doppler radar, and the kinds of data they collect.
  2. Use weather map pages showing the position of weather systems for three consecutive days in your area. Draw a map and label each feature shown on the maps and define and describe what each represents. Analyze the patterns in the three maps to help you create a fourth map that shows where the weather systems will be located on "day four."
  3. Prepare a weather forecast for Nov 20th,  that reflects the information on your map.  We will compare your map to the actual map for that day.  Were your predictions accurate? What additional information might have helped you develop a better forecast?
  4. Weather forecasting- what it is, how it is done, and how it has changed over the years.  Be sure to explain who meteorologists are and what kind of equipment they use. 

Questions to Consider:

Weather forecast Sites: