Cloud Foldable Webpage.

1. clouds form when water vapor condenses on dust, smoke or even salt particles from the ocean. 

2. cloud shapes and sizes are affected by air movement and their composition is affected by location (altitude).

3. three main types of clouds-cirrus, cumulus, and stratus.

4. cirrus clouds form in very cold air at high altitudes, wispy looking, made of ice crystal, usually mean fair weather.

5. cumulus clouds are puffy white clouds with darker bases.  Form in daytime because of rising warm air, can keep growing until become thunderheads and cause rain.

6. stratus clouds form in layers in relative calm air.  Can be very dark and block out sun, can produce steady light precipitation.

7. fog is a stratus cloud that forms on the ground or over water.

8. nimbo or nimbus in a cloud names mean they produce rain

9. thunderhead is a cumulonimbus cloud.


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