Atmosphere Review:

1. What happens in the troposphere?

2. What do we call the layers of gases and water vapor that surround the Earth?

3. What three gases make up most of the layer of gases that surround the Earth?

4. Which layer contains the most water vapor?

5. What happens to pressure and temperature as we go from the troposphere up into the stratosphere?

6. Which gas makes up most of the atmosphere?

7. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth.  Which layer of the atmosphere does it reach into?

8. Why is it so difficult to breathe on top of Mt. Everest?

9. Why do we need the ozone layer?

10. What is the source of most of the oxygen on Earth?

11. How are greenhouses and the Earth’s atmosphere similar?

12. List the layers of the atmosphere in order from the ground up.

13. Why doesn’t the Earth have craters like the Moon does?

14. Where would an inflated balloon be the largest, down near the ground or way up in the stratosphere, and why?

15. When we breathe, which gas do we get the most of with each breath?