Storms Review:

1. Cumulonimbus clouds produce what?

2. What causes an air mass to be warm and wet or cold and dry or warm and dry?

3. Describe stratus clouds.

4.  Describe cumulus clouds.

5. Describe cirrus clouds.

6. Where do hurricanes that strike the United States usually form?

7. What is a jet stream?

8.  What is necessary for hurricanes to form?

9. On a hot summer day, a sudden increase in the wind might mean what is coming?

10. In the summertime, what kind of clouds might mean a storm is coming?

11. The United States has more of what type of storms than anywhere else in the world?

12. How long do thunderstorms last and how long can a hurricane last?

13. What type of storm has the fastest winds?

14. Which is the most dangerous storm and why?

15. What is the minimum wind speed for a hurricane?