Crush a Bottle and Move the Fog Activities:

Complete a lab report for this activity:

You will be conducting two related activities at one time.  Let’s get started.  You will need a 2 liter soda bottle with a screw-on cap, two glass jars, 2 pieces of cardboard or cardstock, a piece of mosquito coil, a refrigerator/freezer, a bucket, very warm water, and an adult’s assistance.


  1. Take one of the glass jars and place it in the freezer.  

  2. Put some very warm water into the bucket.  Remove the lid from the soda bottle and push the bottom of the bottle into the water.  Do not get water into the bottle.  Leave it in the water for a minute.  Before you remove the bottle from the warm water, screw the top back onto the bottle, tightly. Go place the bottle into the freezer and it in the freezer for 10 minutes.  Now, answer these questions while waiting.

Questions 1: What do you predict will happen to the plastic bottle?

2. Why do you think we placed the bottle into warm water as the first step?

Wait 10 minutes:  Go get the bottle from the freezer.  

3.  What do you observe about the bottle?

4. Explain why you think this happened to the bottle, what caused it?

Step c. Have an adult take a piece of the mosquito coil, set it on fire, and put it inside the other glass jar.  Place the piece of cardboard on top of the jar to trap the smoke.

Step d. Go to the freezer, remove the jar and place a piece of cardboard over the top.  Quickly return to your table and place the cold jar upside down on top of the smoke filled jar.  Remove both pieces of cardboard and watch carefully!

Question 5. What did you observe happening inside the jar?

6. What kind of air was in the top jar?  In the bottom jar?

7. What does this show you about cold air and warm air?

8. Cold air is what kind of pressure and warm air is what kind of pressure?

Step e. Get the soda bottle again and put it back into the bucket of warm water.  As soon as the bottle is normal sized again, someone needs to inflate the balloon to about 4 inches in diameter.  Now fit the top of the balloon over the top of the bottle and go put the bottle back into the freezer.  Wait for 10 minutes and go check the bottle.

9. What do you observe?

10. Why did this happen?

11. Explain what you have learned from these two activities.