Climate and Weather Quiz Review 2


  1. Explain what this picture is showing.

2. Compare the air at the equator and the polar regions.

3. What two gases make up most of the atmosphere and how much of each.

4. How does the atmosphere get heated?

5. What is a barometer?

6. What are prevailing winds?

7. What are the Westerlies?

8. What causes the wind?

9. What are the jet streams and how do they affect weather?

10. Why are nights cooler than days?

11. Explain what causes a sea-breeze?

12. How is a land-breeze different from a sea-breeze?

13. What is the coriolis effect?

14. Explain how air pressure causes the wind.

15. What kind of cloud is fog?

16. What is a boundary between cold and warm air called?

17. Puffy, white, cotton ball clouds are what kind?

18. What kind of storm is the most dangerous and largest?

19. What is the difference between weather and climate?

20. Explain why warm air rises and cold air sinks.