Air Pressure Quiz Review:

1. What are the three ways that the Sun’s energy gets spread out into the atmosphere?

2.  Explain what happens during each of these processes:




3. What kind of air is in low pressure?  In high pressure?

4. Carefully explain how air gets heated starting with the Sun. (Get Mr. B to explain)

5. What kind of air has low density, low pressure, contains lots of moisture and can rise.

6. What kind of air is usually dry, dense, and causes high pressure?

7. When you walk on hot pavement or hot sand, what process causes your feet to burn?

8. A difference in air pressure causes what?

9. How does Earth’s movement and shape affect weather on the Earth?

10. When air molecules move around the atmosphere and slowly warm each other, what process is it?

11. What causes the differences in air pressure?