Atmosphere quiz review:

Write your answers in your notebook.

1. What causes air pressure?

2. What happens to air pressure as we go higher into the sky?

3. Draw a circle graph showing the three major gases in the atmosphere.

4. Write the names of the four layers of the atmosphere.

5. What layer do we live in?

6. Which layer does weather happen in?

7.  Which layer contains the ozone layer and why is it important?

8.  Air pressure is caused by air molecules.  At high elevations, are there more or fewer air molecules/  Why?

9.  What will happen to the size of a balloon as it goes higher into the atmosphere?

10.  Where would air pressure be the greatest, at sea level or on a mountain top?

11.  What are the three main gases in the atmosphere?

12.  Which gas does the atmosphere contain the most of?

13.  What gas does the atmosphere have the least of?