Minerals Review Sheet:

1. What is a mineral?

2. What does inorganic mean?

3. What is the hardest mineral and what is the softest mineral?

4.  Why is coal not a mineral?

5. What are the two most common elements in the Earth’s crust?

6. What is the MOHS scale?

7. What are the five main ways that we can identify minerals?  

8. All minerals have a repeating pattern in their particles that form that minerals what?

9. What do the numbers on the MOHS scale tell us?

10-. What is the difference between fracture and cleavage?

11. What is streak?

12. What is luster?

13. Does mica have cleavage or fracture?

14. Some minerals have a special property.  What special property did magnetite have?

15. Metallic and nonmetallic describe what?

16. Most of the minerals on Earth contain oxygen and silicon.  What do we call these?