Brainpop Fossils:

1. What is a body fossil?

2. What is a trace fossil?

3. Why are deserts, tar pits, and ice good places to find body fossils?

4. In order to form a fossil, an organism must usually _____________________ quickly after it dies.

5. Why do you think most fossils involve shells, skeletons, and teeth?

6. Although a cast fossil looks like an original bone or shell, how is it different?

[Cast fossil]

7. A mold fossil is most similar to which of these?

a. An eggshell with no egg inside:  b. a replica of your teeth at the dentist’s office:  

C. A bone buried by your dog:        d. an insect trapped in amber

8. What can you infer from the fact that fossil fuels are carbon-based?

9. What two forces can turn fossils into fossil fuels?

10. What is a carbon film?