Rock Cycle Review 2:

1. What kind of rock or rocks can become sediment?

2. Igneous rock is formed from what?

3. Coarse-grained igneous rock is formed where and how?

4. What are the three kinds of sedimentary rocks?

5. Fine-grained igneous rock is usually formed from what and where?

6. How is chemical sedimentary rock formed?

7. How is metamorphic rock formed?

8. Rocks that are smooth and shiny with invisible grains formed how?

9. What are the two types of igneous rock?

10. What are the two kinds of metamorphic rock?

11. How is sediment changed into sedimentary rock?

12. How is a rock different from a mineral?

13. What is the rock cycle?

14. Compare intrusive igneous rocks and extrusive igneous rocks.

15. What kind of sedimentary rock is formed when sediments are squeezed and cemented together?

16. Where do metamorphic rocks form and why?