Pangaea and Plates Review:

1. What is the scientific name for the outer layer of the Earth?

2. Name the four layers of the Earth.

3. Compare ocean crust to continental crust.

4. What are tectonic plates and which layer is made of them?

5. What was some of the evidence that Wegener used to support his idea of Continental Drift?  Name two of the fossils.

6.  What is the deepest layer that scientists have drilled down into?

7. What was Pangaea?

8. Compare the mantle to the inner core.

9. How did scientists map the seafloor?

10. What actually causes the continents to move?

11. What is the longest chain of mountains on Earth?

12.  Why didn’t people believe Wegener’s idea about continental drift?

13. What were mesosaurus and glossopteris?

14.  What changes as we go deeper and deeper into the Earth?

15.  What is SONAR?