Water Cycle Quiz Review:

1. Name and describe the three phases of the water cycle.

2. The clouds in the sky are what?

3. What powers the water cycle?

4. What happens during evaporation?

5. asdfdd

What is happening at each letter?  Write the letter and describe what is happening at each.

6. When your mirror or the windows fog up, what is happening?

7. Why does ONLY freshwater travel through the water cycle?

8. What is the hydrosphere?

9. Is there any such thing as “new” water?  Why or why not?

10. During the water cycle, during which step do the water molecules have to gain energy? How do you know?

11. During which step in the water cycle, do water molecules lose energy?  

12. Label each:  Water vapor changing into tiny droplets of water-

      liquid water changing into a gas-

      droplets of water returning to the Earth-

13. How do the aquifers get refilled?

14. On a cool morning, there is dew on the grass and by the afternoon, it has disappeared.  Please explain this process.