Currents, deep and surface review:

1.What is a density current and how is it different from a surface current?

2. What is continental deflection?

3. How is a density current created near the equator?

4. What two things can cause currents?

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What kind of currents are found on the East coasts of continents?  What about on the West Coasts?

6. What two prevailing winds are responsible for the North Atlantic Gyre?

7. How does the coriolis effect influence currents?

8. What causes deep or density currents?

9. What kind of current causes upwelling?

10. The Gulf Stream is what kind of current?

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In this map, which location would probably have the coldest climate and explain why?  

Which location would probably have the warmest climate and why?

12. What are some causes of the differences in density?

13. What would cause a density current at the equator?

14. What would cause a density current near the Arctic Circle?

15.  What would happen to Northern Europe and Great Britain if the Gulf Stream stopped flowing?