Water Cycle Summative Review:

1. What are the three processes of the water cycle?

2. What are clouds made of?

3. liquid water becoming an invisible gas called water vapor is what process?

4. How is the Sun part of the water cycle?

5. Why does a mirror fog up when you breathe on it?

6. What do you know about the atmosphere?

7. What do you know about the amount of water on the Earth?

8. What happens to the dew as the day warms up?

9. If most of the water in the atmosphere comes from the ocean, why isn’t the rain salty?

10. What is infiltration?

11. What is runoff?

12. What are reservoirs?

13. What is the hydrosphere?

14. There are four types of precipitation what causes them to be different?

15. Where is the most water found on the Earth?

16. Where does the salt in the oceans come from?

17. What are the four types of precipitation?

18.  What is  fog?

19. How old is the water that we drink everyday?

20. How does dew form?

21.  Explain the three main processes of the water cycle.

22.  Start with a drop of water in a mud puddle.  Tell me everything that can happen to it when the mud puddle disappears.