Where we get our water..

Watch the video and then answer these questions.  Be sure to rewatch if necessary.  

Choose the correct answer and write it on the line or in the space.

  1. At birth, ______ of our bodies are made of water.

  1. 25%

  2. 50%

  3. 75%

  4. 100%

2. What percentage of water on earth is fresh?___

A.   2.5%

B.   4.0%

C.   5.5%

D.  0.75%

3. List three things that increase demand for fresh water. Give examples of how we are meeting that demand.




4. The world's fresh water is divided into three categories. Which is not one of those categories?


A  Polar regions

B  Resevoirs

C  Ground Water

D  Surface Water

5. What accounts for nearly 70% of global fresh water consumption?_______

A  Urban areas / cities

B  Agriculture

C  Manufacturing

D  None of the above

6. What country consumes more fresh water per capita than any other country in the world?


A  The United States of America

B  Brazil

C  China

D  India


7.  Can turning off the water when you brush your teeth make a difference?

8. What are the main ways you consume fresh water? Where can you cut back usage to help conserve?