Review for Earth's Water Quiz:

1. Explain what an aquifer is.

2. Compare the amount of freshwater and saltwater on Earth.

3. Explain why you would not dig a water well near a city landfill.

4. What is porosity?

5. What is the salinity of ocean water?

6. What do we call the process of removing salt from ocean water?

7. What kind of rock contains the water in an aquifer?

8. How does the aquifer get filled and what is the water in an aquifer called?

9. What is a reservoir?

10. How much of the Earth’s surface is water and how much is land?

11. How much of the Earth’s water is saltwater and how much is freshwater?

12. How much of the Earth’s freshwater can humans use?

13. Where do we get our water from and how?

14. Why is the ocean salty/where does the salt come from?

15. What does porosity mean?