Brainpop Earth’s Water:

1. Place the following in order, from broadest to most specific. A) Potable water; B) Fresh water; C) Earth's water

2. Where does desalinated water originally come from?

3. What do aquifers and reservoirs have in common?

4. As the water crisis gets worse, which of the following does NOT increase?

5. What can you infer from the fact that most Americans have indoor plumbing, while many African villagers do not?

6. Give an example of wasted water?

7. Fertilizers and sewage _____ the water supply.

8. What's the main reason why private companies buy fresh water sources?

9. Purification techniques show that water pollution isn't necessarily irrevocable. What's another word for irrevocable?

10. What is one of the chief aims of water conservation?

Brainpop Groundwater Quiz:

1. Where can you find groundwater?

2. What does groundwater descend through?

3. What are porous rocks also called?

4. What is a rock without pores known as?

5. What is the zone of saturation?

6. What is a geyser?

7. Which of these materials are permeable-  glass-  diamonds-   sandstone -  steel?

8. Which of these materials is impermeable--sandstone-  pumice-  clay- ?

9. Where is the water table?

10. What makes a hot spring hot?