GVS Soil pg 6:

1. ______________ is one of the three major natural resources.

2. Soil has three main components, _______________, ______________, and ___________________________.

3.How long can it take for soil to form?

4. What is the most important things that can affect the formation of soil?

5. What kind of locations would have richer and deeper soil?

6. Weathered rock becomes sediment and sediment is necessary for soil.  Compare residual soil to transported soil.

7. Think about it, concerning slope, would you expect better soil on a hillside or down in a valley and why?

8. What is humus?

9. What are layers of soil called?

10. What is a soil profile?

11. Draw a quick soil profile, label the horizons, and give a brief description of each.  Do NOT include the “E” horizon.