Earth's Resources Karaoke

S6E6. Gather, evaluate, and communicate information about the uses and conservation of various natural resources and how they impact the Earth.

A. Ask questions to determine the differences between renewable/sustainable energy resources (examples: hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass) and nonrenewable energy resources (examples: nuclear: uranium, fossil fuels: oil, coal, and natural gas), and how they are used in our everyday lives.

B. Design and evaluate solutions for sustaining the quality and supply of natural resources such as water, soil, and air.

C. Construct an argument evaluating contributions to the rise in global temperatures over the past century, whether it is natural or not or real. Tables, graphs, and maps of global and regional temperatures, and atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, should be used as sources of evidence. Earthviewer app on iPad has CO2 data.


Cape Cod Wind Farm article 1

Wind Farm article 2

Wind Farm Bird Kills

Fort Stewart Solar Farm

Fort Stewart Solar article 2

Super-Sized Solar Farm

Storing Solar Energy

Why renewables can't save our planet


Research the nonrenewable energy sources also study data to find out how much of our energy is provided by them.  Research the different types of renewable energy sources and study data to find out how much of our energy is provided by these different renewable energy sources. Be able to explain why it is sometimes better to use nonrenewable and sometimes better to use renewable resources.


GVS, read pg 7-11. Study the terms and ideas.


Copy notes 1-12!


Some energy research Youtubes


Resource website for non-renewable energy resources


Learn about the non-renewable energy resources.  Read chapters 6, 8. and 9.

  6.. Nonrenewable Resources Review


Nonrenewable resources quiz

  8. Activity Alert:  Any creation/project showing the 4 types of nonrenewable resources or choose one to go into detail. Nitty Gritty format for some. Ask for the Foldables Book!


Show and Tell: Non-renewable Resources


S6E6a Nonrenewable Resources quiz(School City)


Renewable Resources: GVS, read pg 12-17

  12. Copy Notes 13-20


Learn about the renewable energy sources Read chapters 10 thru 16.

  14. Renewable resources Review . Get a copy.
  15. Renewable Resources Quiz


Create a model/demo/presentation about one of the 5 types of renewable energy resources and how we can use them wisely. Nitty Gritty as reference. Ask for Foldables Book!


Show and Tell: Renewable Resources


S6E6a Renewable Resources (School City)

  19. Create a comparision between renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. Foldables Book.


Complete the project from GVS, pg. 19.  


Renewable energy useage here in Georgia Research Site  


Renewable and nonrenewable resources Youtube

  23. Renewable Resources Nearpod
  24. Renewable and nonrenewable resources Review
  25. Renewable/nonrenewable Nearpod


S6E6 Renewable and Nonrenewable  (School City)

  27. Complete Webquest One


Complete Webquest Two

Ted-ED Renewables in the UK

Ted-ED Why renewables can't save our planet

Ollie’s World- info site

The California Energy Archive website


Use this chart to determine what percent of our national electrical production is provided by each of the renewables.

Use this chart to determine which energy sources are used to produce electricity here in Georgia.

Use this chart to learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy for electrical production.

The cost of alternative electrical production


1. GVS Earth's Resources and Man

Natural Resources Webquest

2. BBC Renewable and Nonrenewable Info!

Green Squad Webquest

3. Bingo Activity


4. Power Project


5. Energy Argument! Each member researches a different form of energy & creates a presentation.