Astronomy Review Quiz (galaxies) 2

1. What are lightyears?

2. Draw a quick example of each type of galaxy.

3. How large is the Milky Way and how many stars does it contain?

4. What was the Big Bang?

5.  What evidence do we use to explain the Big Bang?

6. What is Red Shift?

7. What is a Black Hole?

8. Why can’t we see the spiral shape of the Milky Way Galaxy?

9.  About how long ago did the Big Bang happen?

10. What does “red shift” tell us about an object?

11. In what part of the Milky Way is our solar system located?

12. What is a galaxy?

13. What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?

14. How many stars can a galaxy contain?

15. About how old is the Earth?

16. Using these words, (galaxy, solar system, universe, planet, star,)  put them in order from smallest to largest.