In the chart above, the “Renewable” section is blown up in the chart to the right.

This chart shows how the 7% that makes up the renewable resources is divided.  As you can see, by far the most is hydroelectric.  Look at the small percentage that solar makes up.

1. What type of energy do we use the most of in the U.S. renewable or nonrenewable?

2. What type of nonrenewable energy do we use the most of in the U.S.?

3. What type of renewable energy do we use the least of?

4. What percent of our energy do non-renewables make up?

5. What is coal made from?

6. Why are they called non-renewables?

7. What are the fossil fuels?

8. Why are they called fossil fuels?

9. What are all fossil fuels made from?

10. Other than using renewable energy, how can we reduce our need for non-renewables?

11. What is a major problem with using nuclear energy?

12. Is nuclear energy considered renewable or nonrenewable and why?