Energy Scavenger Hunt Page!

You will need to click on each link and read the information to find answers to these questions.  Get a copy of the questions from Mr. B.

1. What are the two categories that all forms of energy can be put into?

2. How is oil formed?

3. Name five products made from oil.

4. What is the best way to transport natural gas?

5. What is the best way to transport coal?

6. How is coal gotten out of the ground?

7. Splitting the atom for nuclear energy is called nuclear _________________.

8. What is used to convert solar energy into electricity?

9. How is wind formed?

10. What is geothermal energy?

11. Which areas of the world have the most geothermal energy?

12. Organic materials used for energy are called _________________.

13. Which biomass is used the most?

14. What is hydropower?

15. Some fish need to go upriver to lay their eggs and dams can block these rivers.  What can be installed to help fish get upriver?

16. How is electricity measured?

17. What part of our economy uses the most energy?

18. What is the number one use of energy in our homes?

19. Which energy source do we use most for our cars, trucks, and airplanes?

20. What is the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency?