Unit Test Review:


1. Look at the picture above:  Which moon is a third quarter moon?

2. Look at the picture above: Which moon is a waxing gibbous moon?

3.  Which moon comes after a third quarter moon?


Use this picture for questions 4,5, and 6.

4. Which position shows a full Moon?

5.  Which position shows a waning gibbous moon?

6.  Which position shows a new moon?


7. Which of these shows a full moon?

8.  In this picture, which of these shows a third quarter moon?

9. In this picture, which shows a new moon?


10. Which position would cause a solar eclipse?

11.  Which position would cause a lunar eclipse?

Use this picture for questions 12 & 13.


12.  A lunar eclipse can only happen when the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow.  This only happens during which moon phase?

13.   Which picture shows a first quarter moon?


14. Which picture would give us a solar eclipse?

15.  Which picture shows us a new moon?

16.  Which picture shows us a full moon?

17.  What two things cause the seasons?

18. When it is summer in North America, what season is it in Australia?

19.  When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, what season is it?

20. What causes and how long is a year on Earth?

21. During a lunar or solar eclipse, how must the Earth, Moon, and Sun be positioned?