As you watch the Youtube, answer these questions:

1. What is the axis?


2. What two things combine to give us our seasons?


3. Why are the north and south poles colder than the equator?


4. How would the Earth be different if it were not tilted?


5. We say that the tilt causes the seasons. What is it that is actually changing from one season to the next?


6. What part of the Earth is most of the Sun's energy focused on the Summer Solstice?


7. Name the two tropics related to the two solstices and tell which is which.


8. How is an equinox different from a solstice?


9. Tell me what you just learned about equinoxes.


10. What are the two motions of the Sun?


11. Which tropic gives us our summer solstice?


12. Which tropic gives us our winter solstice?