Greetings Parents!!

I am really enjoying working with your children and watching them grow.  I love teaching science and especially enjoy watching my students learn to love science.  I invite you to visit my website at KudzuAcres and explore the different units that my students are working on. 

I call my science program Karaoke Science and have divided it into several units. During the school year, your child will work through most of  these units. The students work in small groups and collaborate on all assignments.  They are supposed to take the tests individually, but are strongly encouraged to study together and to get me to come over and study with the group before taking any tests. Anyone who makes less than an 80 on a test is supposed to study, ask me to review with them, and then retest.  I will record the highest score.  If your child has a grade of less than a B on his/her Progress Report, it is because he or she did not retest.  I have reminded them over and over and still have students who fail a test and continue moving on. I am trying to teach them to be responsible for their own success. 

If your child is ever absent from school or if you are concerned about his/her progress, I encourage you to go to Kudzuacres and study together.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime either by email at or contact the Middle School Office at 982-1063.  I am available in the mornings between 9:30 and 10:30 and after school. 

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