Your assignment is to create a Power Point presentation about some topic related to Astronomy.All text must be in YOUR OWN WORDS!Do not copy text word for word.You must use some photos.You can create your own drawings and we can scan them.Your Power Point must serve as a lesson about your topic.SPELLING COUNTS!!!You must use at least three references.The last page of your presentation must list your references.


Now check out some of these websites and/or read some of these suggestions.Be sure to talk with Mr. B about your topic before your start researching.


Recognize patterns of constellations

Graph the constellations on graph paper

Draw their own version of the constellations using star patterns


Compare and contrast the environments of our moon and the earth.

Give practical examples of how these differences might affect one's daily activities on our moon.


Building a colony on the Moon or any other planet


Describe the solar system and some of the characteristics of the inner planets.

Describe the outer planets.

Explain the ways in which stars differ from one another.


Describe two constellations and their mythology

Identify the summer triangle and the winter hexagonal

Show the relationship and movement of the North Star, Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia at two different times of the year


(facts and information)


A report on how the Space Shuttle works and why it canít take us back to the Moon

(large collection of astronomy ideas)

(collection of weather ideas)

Geology ideas


Could an asteroid striking the earth destroy life such as the dinosaurs?Did an asteroid wipe out the dinosaurs?


What are Black Holes and do they exist?


Are there really different types of stars?


What are the phases of the Moon and why do they happen?


Comets, meteors, and asteroids


Solar and Lunar eclipses