Wednesday Page! These are your assignments for today. You must complete them in order.

1.Take this quiz. It is a practice test and will not count. If you don't do well, you should really take your time while doing the next activity.

WARNING!!! DO NOT CLICK ON "SHOW ANSWER" for the next two activities. If you are caught clicking on "SHOW ANSWERS", you will be given a code mark. Besides, I can see you right now. I have a magic camera built into this webpage watching you. Smile!!! Don't cheat!!!

2. Use your workbook pg. 187-197 to complete this computer worksheet. If you make less than 80, you should retake the quiz.

3. Take this Quiz. This is a review quiz. Be sure to check to see which ones you missed. It is important that you go over chap 13 lesson 2.

4. If you finish all these, get a copy of the AR book, "Dinosaur Detectives" and KEEP reading. You will be required to take the AR test about this book and I am going to put your grade on your report card.


Big Test on Friday over Rock Cycle and Fossils!!!