PLEASE STUDY!!! You have a test Friday over Fossils and some rock cycle questions. Chap 13 is for fossils and Chap 4 is the rock cycle. STUDY. Complete as many of these activities today as possible. DO NOT WASTE TIME!!!


Thursday Page! These are your assignments for today. You must complete them in order.

1. Complete this Fossil Madness Game.

3. Take this test. Yes, for a grade! .

4.Complete this Rock Madness Game as a review. You will have questions on your test about the rock cycle

5.You may want to listen to the notes from chapter 4. There are 4 sections.If the do not work on your computer, you may move to another computer for this activity ONLY!!! If you do not want to listen to the notes, you may skip this activity and continue with the other activities.

Section One

Section Two

Section Three

Section Four

6. Here is the Rock Cycle Madness Maze.

7. Try this activity.

8. You might want to Read these notes.

. If you finish all these, get a copy of the AR book, "Dinosaur Detectives" and KEEP reading. You will be required to take the AR test about this book and I am going to put your grade on your report card.


Big Test on Friday over Rock Cycle and Fossils!!!