Makers and Shakers! a unit! projects plans and ideas  patterns


Pneumatic arm:

Marble Run: Students make a box from a sheet of cardboard or get a box.  Give each team the same number of straws.  Challenge is for a team to create a maze that a marble will travel down when the box is placed at an angle.  Winner is team whose marble takes the longest time without stopping.

Marble Maze: Students are given a certain number of straws and a box.  Must create a maze for other students to complete.  Most challenging wins.

Mini-Golf Course: Each team must build a golf hole.  Must design own golf clubs and a safe golf ball.

Bridge Competition:


Go to Youtube and type in :  stem activities for middle school



Let’s Make a Compass


Let's Build a Sailboat!

The Sailboat Mission:

Your team must construct a sailboat no larger than 10 inches long and no wider than 6 inches.  It can be smaller but must be able to carry a weight of 10 pennies.  It must remain upright and be able to sail across our “ocean”.  We will also have a speed competition between boats.

You will have access to the following supplies only:

Styrofoam cups

Clear tape

Plastic straws

Aluminum foil




Wax paper

Plastic wrap


Hot glue

Rubber bands

You will NOT be given any supplies until after your team has designed and drawn a picture of your boat.

Sailboat Resources:

PBS Sailboat video

Build-A-Boat ppt: opens in google docs

PBS: A Boat That Floats

Physics of Sailboats