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Renrewable Energy Quiz



What is a renewable resource?


Which renewable resource do we have the most of?


What is most renewable energy used for?


What form of renewable resource used to supply 90% of our energy?


What is biomass?


What is the most common form of biomass?


Waste such as household garbage and other trash goes into the landfill.  this waste can be burned but the main reason it is burned is not to produce electricity.  Why is it usually burned?


How is biogas similar to natural gas?


Can we use geothermal energy here in Millen?  Explain your answer.


According to the chart, what renewable do we use the most of?  Explain why you think we can or cannot continue to use more and more of this resource.


What are two concerns about using wind power?


When choosing between wind or hydropower, which do you think is more practical if an area is close to a river and has steady winds blowing every day?


What is hydropower and how is it related to the water cycle?


How can we get energy from the oceans?


GVS mentions two limitations to using solar energy.  There is a third even greater limitaion.  What do you think it is?

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